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Jumping on the heels of the popularity of the 3M ClearBra, 3M has developed a line of vinyl wrap products specifically designed for automobile use. Since its introduction five years ago, this has been one of the most popular "must have" products for show cars, race cars, and manufacturer debuts. When properly installed, this material looks identical to a factory paint job that needs to be seen to be believed. Besides allowing clients to change the color of their vehicle whenever they wish, this vinyl wrap helps protect the car's original paint from rock chips, ultraviolet rays, and road grime. All of the vinyl is completely removable allowing owners to replace pieces if damaged or if they wish to make their car a different color without hurting the resale value. The vinyl film is also becoming popular to use for interior trim pieces and exterior add on's. Hundreds of colors are available including a full line of matte and textured films (including carbon fiber). Prices vary according to application, with the material costing $14/sq ft installed or about $3,500 for a full car coverage. Due to the complexity of each application, vehicles will be seen by appointment only and require a full work week to complete. For more examples of our vinyl work, please check out our gallery section.


One of the latest trends over the past ten years has been the introduction of the clear bra plastic film for car's exteriors. Not only does this help prevent those annoying high speed rock chips on your vehicle's front fascia, it also can help prevent major paint damage in minor accidents or parallel parking bumps. Completely transparent and able to cover entire panels in one piece, these films are invisible on a vehicle when properly installed. Automotive Specialist is proud to offer 3M and XPel Clear Bra to all its clients along with a 10 year guarantee. Thanks to our experienced installers, a meticulously maintained shop, and experience in dealing with high end cars, Automotive Specialist offers a far more detailed and critical installation then any dealer network can match. Prices start at $700 for a standard kit, with custom cut pieces available upon request. Due to the complexity of each application, vehicles will be seen by appointment only and may require paintwork correction prior to film installation.



The amount of damage that the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays can do to an automobile's interior is devastating; faded plastic components and cracking leather dashes are just two examples. Thankfully, the latest offerings from window film companies can block these harmful U.V. rays, protecting your vehicle's interior while also improving its look in the process. Automotive Specialist is pleased to offer all its clients window tinting services. Combining today's newest TintTek 20/20 computerized cutting system, along with the use of only the best products such as; 3M, Suntek Carbon, and Matico Charcoal films, all tint is assured to be a perfect fitment. This combined with installers who posses over 18 years experience in the industry affords Automotive Specialist the ability to offer a lifetime guarantee on all tint that leaves our shop. Prices vary according to application, but start at $230 for coupes and $250 for sedans.

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