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2004 Gemballa Porsche Cayenne in Manama, Bahrain



Automotive Specialist Performance Group LLC is pleased to offer a full range of bodywork services to all of its clients. With over 20 years experience in the paint booth and body shop, our associates understand how the little details can effect a car's finish. Our body shop associates will examine the car's fit and finish with clients before recommending an approach to help meet the client's desired outcome. Utilizing the latest technology in paint chip analysis, and a fully filtered Italian paint booth, finishes are examined to the highest degree. Offering full collision repair, body off restoration refinishing, and aftermarket body trim piece fit and finishing, Automotive Specialist brings a convenience to our clients that few shops can equal. All insurance claims are welcomed and accepted after a consultation to obtain further details. Due to the high level of output and variances that occur from car to car, all vehicles must be seen for a consultation prior to entering the shop. All consultation will be seen by appointment only, so please contact us for further details.





There are very few things that are more annoying than coming out to your vehicle in a parking lot and seeing a door ding in the side panel. Not only does it bring extreme disheartenment in seeing your flawless vehicle with a ding in it, but also the pain of thinking about how much your body shop repair bill will be because of it. Fortunately, there have been extreme advancements made in paint less dent removal in recent years. Automotive Specialist is proud to offer its clients a paint less dent removal service ensuring only quality results. Todd McKelvie, "the dent guy", as we like to call him, comes in to personally inspect every dent and provide a quote before starting on a job. With over 20 years experience in professional body shop repair, Todd has the knowledge only field experience can provide in working with different metals and composites. This allows him to be efficient as possible, helping ensure a quality outcome at a reasonable price. Pricing starts at $100 per panel and varies depending on dent location and accessibility.



Automotive Specialist offers full aftermarket body kit installations to all of its clients. Nothing can ruin a good aftermarket body kit more than poor fit and finish. It takes experience and skill to assure that all body seems and paint colors match up properly to look factory. Our experienced technicians have this experience to allow for a flawless installation that looks like it came right off of the factory floor. Automotive Specialist offers only the finest aftermarket trim pieces available from tuners such as AC Schnitzer, TechArt, Gemballa, Vorsteiner, and more. Due to the amount of poor reproduction kits on the market, Automotive Specialist will only install authentic tuner kits we provide. Please contact us for further details.


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