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Tim enjoying the view of Boston's skyline

Timothy Andrew Matson, (Tim), founded Automotive Specialist back in 1991 with the intent of offering Massachusetts automobile owners quality computer diagnostic repair at a fair price. An ASE Master Mechanic for over 40 years, Tim has taken on the role of Vice President as his son, Carleton, became President in 2006. Tim continues to still be a very active and critical component to Automotive Specialist as a head technician and consultant for the company.

Born in 1944, Tim always had a flare for anything mechanical evidenced when he disassembled his family's '53 Oldsmobile's engine at the mature age of 13, much to his parents surprise! Through the years, Tim has owned three petrol stations and oil companies, consulted with multiple international heavy equipment construction corporations, and been heavily involved with the AHRA (National Pro Stock Champion in '69 and '70) and BMWCCA. These experiences have allowed Tim to take a methodical and educated view on every job in the garage, producing an unparallel level of detail in each repair and modification.

While Tim is a self admitted "workaholic", his other interests revolve around being with his family, piloting his 1969 Bertram Baron offshore race boat, and tinkering on anything he can get his hands on around his house or shop.


Mansour, Carleton, Tim, and Chris back in 2004 (heavier days)




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